Critique of New York Times Multimedia Article

In January of this year, the New York Times published an article with the title of Journalism That Stands Apart that was written by seven total journalists summarizing the changes of the field of journalism with the innovations of new technology. The article highlighted the importance of the platforms of multimedia and its increasing importance in the field of news reporting. I found that the article did a great job at describing why and how multimedia and digital journalism is at a high demand and the ways in which many major news organization will incorporate these elements into everyday news reporting. I found the article to be not only intriguing and informational, but actually extremely important for young journalists to pay attention to going into the workforce. Something that I found particularly interesting was that the article mentioned that with the shifting profession of news reporting, it is not only important to change the platform for posting news stories, but also to change the way in which journalists tell those stories. The journalism industry is identifying the trends and preferences of their consumers, and with the constant updates of multimedia outlets, digital journalism is the most prominent source of news today, and this will only become more true as time goes on. So, the New York Times used this article to illustrate that, with their upstanding reputation as being a considerably reputable source for news, the business looks to move forward with the same ethical values that go into good reporting, and infuse them into a new platform that agrees with today’s technological advances, as in digital journalism. Along with mentioning that their organization is looking to make these changes, they also pointed to how journalists everywhere, especially young journalists, should welcome these changing times in order to keep up with what makes journalism so important, which is reporting real news the most efficient way possible for the public to see. By outlining key points of change, the article broke down the importance of interaction and visuals for the consumer, which I found to be straight forward and easily understandable. I particularly enjoyed this overarching message of the article, as I am an aspiring journalist myself. I find important to identify with the business aspect of my desired field of work, and reading this article from the New York Times allowed for me to gain some good insight on the future of journalism, which is something that the organization obviously knows more than me. Not only was it interesting, but it presented important information that helps all consumers of news to recognize the basis of the constantly changing field that is journalism. It also highlights the ways in which they particularly will make changes, and that is by implementing excessive information on digital platforms, with multimedia tools such as video stories and audio interview stories with photographs as well. As an overall “outline of the newsroom’s strategies and aspirations,” I feel that this article provides not only a surplus of important information about the New York Times organization, but the trends of journalism as a whole. I learned some good information about my field of study from this outline.


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