Final Assignment Proposal

For my final assignment, I would like to pick an issue that affects me and so many other college students around the country: college tuition. I would like to focus on the rising rates of tuition within a public university and analyze the drawbacks that it has on out of state students, or even in state students. My subjects will include in state students, out of state students, financial aid advisers, administrative officials, and possibly university professors. My story will focus on the affects of the rising rates of college tuition on undergraduate students from both in state and out of state and identify the issues, if any, that they may run into with it. This story will be journalistically interesting because the tuition rates have risen so much over the years that a large percent of all students no matter in state or out of state are subject to large sums of student debt after graduation. I already know that the issue affects countless students, and I would like to find out its affects on administrative officials of university, and the university as a whole. With the subjects I plan to talk to, I believe I will have created an interesting and compelling story describing a relatable issue from all perspectives. I look forward to learning for myself as well as others as I plan to tell the story.


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