The Transition to Digital Journalism, by Paul Grabowicz – Critique

In a 2014 article, Paul Grabowicz laid out a tutorial regarding the smart ways to tackle digital journalism in the modern world. The article was written from the University of California, Berkeley graduate school of journalism. Although the article is several years old, I still believe that it holds a lot of relevance in our current journalistic state. The tutorial is extremely extensive, however takes you through the dynamics of the digital era in a smooth fashion. Grabowicz mentions that the field of journalism is undergoing crazy changes due to technology, and it’s important for young journalists to utilize the type of world they’re growing up in to their advantage. News organization are constantly wanting to use sources of media to tell compelling stories, but journalists need to know where to start in order to fulfill this. The guide uses statistics and sources that help to identify the dynamic element that digital media has on the market. I found it to be rather informational, as it not only covers the importance of media in news but also how to grasp the skills to use it to tell the most compelling stories as possible. For example, mapped visuals and graphing are great tools to help visualize data for the reader. This allows to make the story more tangible and easy to follow in order to get our point across. Also, a short video clip or perhaps a small graphic add-on can help give the story an extra push in order to resonate with the reader. I found the information useful for my own aspiring journalism career, as I continue to learn to find ways to become a better news reporter. I would recommend the article to not only journalists, but to newsreaders alike so that people are able to get an idea of what has been seen to work as far as news telling, which is the transition to digital journalism. I found that from Grabowicz’s article, the utilization of the media will continue to be the trademark of compelling news stories.


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