A6: Live Event

I went to and covered the Climate Change March in downtown Tucson, located at El Presidio Park at 160 W Alameda Street. The event went on from 10 AM to 2 PM, and marched from the park and completely through downtown. There was a number of speakers advocating for a multitude of movements, such as […]

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A7: AB Roll 2

Tuition costs at the national level have been steadily climbing over recent years, including at the University of Arizona. Two students were willing to give their opinion on these rates and the ways in which they can affect themselves as well as all potential students in general.

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A5: Data Viz

The data below categorizes the number of reports of bike theft near the University of Arizona campus from 2007 to 2012. The data is broken up by graphs depicting the reports by months and by years, followed by a map representing the addresses in which the thefts take place.  

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The Transition to Digital Journalism, by Paul Grabowicz – Critique

https://multimedia.journalism.berkeley.edu/tutorials/digital-transform/ In a 2014 article, Paul Grabowicz laid out a tutorial regarding the smart ways to tackle digital journalism in the modern world. The article was written from the University of California, Berkeley graduate school of journalism. Although the article is several years old, I still believe that it holds a lot of relevance in […]

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A4: AB Roll

Greg J. Vogt is a 23 year old student and published author at the University of Arizona. His first book,┬áThe Battle Against Yourself was published in Feb., 2017. The book falls under the category of depression memoir, in which Greg hopes to use his life experiences and obstacles to reach the lives of young men […]

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Final Assignment Proposal

For my final assignment, I would like to pick an issue that affects me and so many other college students around the country: college tuition. I would like to focus on the rising rates of tuition within a public university and analyze the drawbacks that it has on out of state students, or even in […]

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