The Transition to Digital Journalism, by Paul Grabowicz – Critique In a 2014 article, Paul Grabowicz laid out a tutorial regarding the smart ways to tackle digital journalism in the modern world. The article was written from the University of California, Berkeley graduate school of journalism. Although the article is several years old, I still believe that it holds a lot of relevance in […]

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Final Assignment Proposal

For my final assignment, I would like to pick an issue that affects me and so many other college students around the country: college tuition. I would like to focus on the rising rates of tuition within a public university and analyze the drawbacks that it has on out of state students, or even in […]

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Critique of Digital Journalism editorial by Jason Steele of ‘The Freelancer’ In an editorial posted on March 20, 2015, Jason Steele of The Freelancer publication explained six distinct differences that he as a journalist feels differentiate digital journalism from print journalism. I found this article interesting, as I wish to become a professional print journalist after college. However, working with so much multimedia this semester, […]

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Critique of New York Times Multimedia Article In January of this year, the New York Times published an article with the title of Journalism That Stands Apart that was written by seven total journalists summarizing the changes of the field of journalism with the innovations of new technology. The article highlighted the importance of the platforms of multimedia and its increasing importance […]

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